Week 1 Lectio Divina

Week 1 Lectio Divina

All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness,
1 Timothy 3:16
Acts 6:4
4 But we will devote ourselves to prayer and to the ministry of the word
In the sixth century, wrote, “The biblical Scriptures are letters from Almighty God to his creatures. The Lord of all has sent you his letters for your life’s advantage—and yet you neglect to read them eagerly. Study them, I beg you, and meditate daily on the words of your Creator. Learn the heart of God in the words of God.”
St. Gregory the Great,
Let the divine scripture be always in your hands, and give yourself so frequently to prayer that such shafts of evil thoughts as ever assail the young may thereby find a shield to repel them.
General Questions
You might want to ask each other some of the following questions:
Where have you seen God at work in your life in the past week/month?
How did you experience God’s presence through your rhythms?
How have you been shaped by the rhythms?
What differences did the rhythms make to those around you?
What is the Spirit stirring and wanting to grow in you in this season?
What unhealthy rhythms or habits have you adopted and what practices will help you refocus on Jesus?
Specific Questions
What is one thing you like about the Rhythm of Lectio Divina and why?
What do you see as a potential obstacle to practicing Lectio Divina in your life?
How can Lectio Divina help each your spiritual formation?
What is one thing you learned about Lectio Divina this week? After listening to the Lectio Divina rhythm podcast, what was new to you or what changed your view of scripture?
How do you think practicing Lectio Divina will help you follow Jesus?
What is a small way this week you can incorporate this rhythm in your life?
What way can the group help you practice this rhythm?